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"Skin" - peeling


"Skin"- video trial - 2011

Rikke Lundgreen - stills from video

Changing Places, Phil Sayers and Rikke Lundgreen "Cross-purposes – Looking again at Victorian collections." Sheila McGregor
The implied link between sexuality and death in Segantini’s painting (The Punishment of Lust – 1891) points to one of the most curious and remarked upon aspects of Victorian portrayals of women: the tendency to show the fallen or damaged woman in a state of trance-like immobility. This pictorial and sculptural elision of sexuality, sleep and death has intriguing psychological connotations, hinting as it does at the capacity of women to sustain an interior existence beyond the control and understanding of men. Driven by extremes of experience into a state of emotional retreat, women are simultaneously the victims of male oppression and the agents of their own emancipation, which they often achieve through an act of extravagant self-destruction [as Ophelia and the Lady of Shalott examples].
Nowhere perhaps is this theme more strikingly manifested than in s…

Self-portraits - September 2011


Transcription of Susan Hiller's "At the Freud Museum" - Site specific installation 2005

Site specific installation in the Sciences department Staffordshire University 2005
For this installation I borrowed specimens from the Geology Department and displayed them in association with written documents in the Sciences display cabinets.