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The Translating Factory at the Language Cafe Special - photos

Welcome to the Translating Factory !
Nottingham Library has quite a lot of bilingual dictionaries and with Matthew's participation, I managed to have about 25 of them. The most unexpected for me were Gypsy and Twi ... and maybe Igbo too.

Direct translation in Swahili

Trying to translate in Bengali

What do you love at the Nottingham Contemporary !

On Saturday 2nd July, I was lucky to have been commissioned by City Arts to produce a sound piece as part of Solo Art Solo Heart. The sound piece was accompanying the What do you love ? installation.
The sound piece, as the rest of this project, is an ongoing piece. For it, I ask people my 5 questions (What are the most important place, date, person and object in your life and what do you love) and I ask them to answer in their language (when not English). They then teach me how to pronounce them. The final sound piece consists of me saying their answers in their language, as if I was really able to speak so many ! I will keep collecting as many different languages as I can ....
Sound piece 1 Sound piece 2

I was very pleased to have the What do you love ? installation on display at the Nottingham Contemporary, even for one night !

Proposal for the Nottingham Contemporary
Work as installed on the night Looking at the work, James, my Mongolian teacher, wearing is "Mongolia" …

Joanna Concejo


Self-portraits - June 2011