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Nicki Dennett

Yesterday I went to the Surface Gallery  in Nottingham to sell some of my jewellery . Unfortunately, it wasn't very busy and I only sold one piece ... but I met Nicki Dennett  (illustrator and printmaker)  and exchanged some jewellery against some of her work.
I really like the print I got from her. It is called "Burger" :

It reminds me very much of my own series of fashion magazines photographs and I am very much looking forward to working more at it again ...

Nicki told me that the print I now have was part of a series she made about a Healthy Eating campaign.
here are some images, taken from her website : they tell the story of a woman who ....

Life Changes
Comfort Zone
Online Shopping

Ditch the Burger

The Way Forward
Grow your own

I like this work very much. Eating and the problems relating to it are much deeper than what we usually say and those drawings speak for themselves.

Oneness, Love and cooking (2008)

"(...) long ago, humans were composed of two people stuck back-to-back, with two faces and eight limbs. Male-male humans came from the Sun, female-female humans from the Earth and male-female humans from the Moon. The gods, out of jealousy, split them in half. Now, throughout our lives, we are always trying to find our "other half", and sexual intercourse is the only means we have to put the two halves back together; this desire to be one person again is what we call "love". However, it is impossible to fully rejoin two people because it is our souls and not our bodies that most desire to be reunited." (from "The origin of love",

brown and white sugar mixed together + butter and spices



German advert for underwear using veiled woman

(Facebook exchange)

Shwan Dler Qaradaki posted the link :

Click here to view the clip :
German advert for underwear using veiled woman

CSD : What do they say and what is it exactlly ?
Shwan Dler Qaradaki : This is the reclama for sexy underwear from the German manufacturer liaison They believe this is provocative? I wish everyone who goes in burka could dressed like that ;)
CSD: Oh, OK, thanks Dler :) Is that the journalist who is talking that is saying it is provocative ? Do they mean that it is offending for Muslims ?
Shwan Dler Qaradaki : Yes exactly. but I think Muslims should be hapy for this advertisement. This is posetiv
CSD : That's very interesting, Dler, thX for that ... I'm going to post this video on (one of) my blog(s) ! :)

Pic N Mix exhibition

This will be the first time I will be presenting a work coming from the present blog-research, "Rebecca's Fashion Magazines" !

Photographs shown :

Deborah Nicklin

Just discovered Deb's (who I know) work (which I didn't know). She studied a BA Hons Fashion Degree at Central St Martins, London. I really like her work, especially : Bag Lady, American Nightmare, So flippin' Happy, Zelda the perfect mother. I love their nasty-witchy side and the fact that ! I really like this sense of humour. Combined with a fashion style, to me they say a lot about the fashion world and its disturbing aspects ....
So flippin' Happy

Zelda - The Perfect Mother Bag Lady

American Nightmare

Deborah Nicklin's website

Jana Sterback "Vanitas" 1987 - seen at elles@centrepompidou

Dress made out of fresh meat, worn by the artist in 1987.

Dress as exhibited.

Fan of Pipilotti Rist

Piece seen in Paris elles@centrepompidou. Projected on the floor + music piece.

Delphine Reist "averse" 2007 - Elles@centrepompidou show

Video piece where the projection fitted the wall of the gallery space.

Statring as a fully enlighted room, the bulbs start exploding, the one after the other leading to complete darkness in the video but also in the projecting space.

I like the simplicity and the perfect correspondence between the 2 spaces : the one of the video and the one of the projection.
I like the fact that we are reminded of the making of a projection : the need of light for it to happen !

New findings in Vogue magazine


Valérie Belin