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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

... following the last works ...

Music : "Stabat Mater"
With the participation of : Hilary, Susan and Emma - B arts -

Saturday, 5 July 2008

... A dream ...

The other night I dreamed that something quite magical was happening on my work desk ...

A drop of water had fallen on it and all of a sudden I could see all the movements I had just done before appearing on some kind of transparent sheet of paper, as if it was a screen. The movements were in slow motion and the whole thing looked very beautiful.

I want to try out different ways of displaying moving images. I want to play with projection and try it on different kinds of screens, at different distances. I want to play with light and shadows. I'd like the projection (projector and screen) to be part of the installation and see how the viewer could interact with it.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


"Diary", 2006

I photocopied the two first pages of each of my diaries written since I arrived in England. I left my hands on the photocopier window. I covered my writings with thick black marker and scanned the photocopies.
The result is a strange intimate reading experience where the handwritten words cannot be read but where you nearly touch the writer's hands, turning the pages along with her.

Following this work, I made a video piece "Dark Continent", shown at Burslem School of Art in April/May 2007 for the exhibiton "Artists fight against racism" curated by Jane Goetzee.

Accompanying text :
"The phrase "Dark Continent" first appeared as evocating Africa in a colonialist context. It was then used by Sigmund Freud to refer to women's sexuality and later discussed by feminist intellectuals, critizising the passive role associated with feminity. In their early revendication, feminists also tended to establish a parallel between the women liberation and the liberation of the Black people from oppression.
On Gilberto Gil's Brazilian music, the present video piece evocates this multilayered subject. In a humoristic and sensual manner, the dance also questions the duality between different types of languages : male and female, mother tongue and foreign language, verbal and non verbal communication.
This is a struggle and a longing for reconciliation, for the Other to be recognized as part of oneself."

work in progress

I have started to film and take pictures of moving people. "Veiled Messages" - June 2008 -

Music : Gilberto Gil - "Tata Engenho Novo"- album "O sol de oslo"

The photos used in this slide show were taken during a theatre workshop with B Arts people.
I just liked what was happening there. When I put the images together and added the music, it clearly appeared as a continuation of some previous works. Something to do with non-verbal communication, foreign language and translation. Movement, body, sensuality are also certainly some other key words ...

"A a a a a a a men" - June 2008 -

Music : Vivaldi - Stabat Mater -

This came out of a second session where I directed Susan, Hilary and Emma. I asked them to follow and "listen" to each other with great attention. My request was about the quality of this listening and I also wanted them to be as close as possible to each other, but without touching. For the rest, they could move as they wanted but I prefered them to move slowly.
I wanted to film the "space in between" them ... which I did. But the present video came as a surprise and the title "A a a a a men" came as a final touch. I see it as a humorous but also sensual and spiritual piece. The music chosen is very important to me : I love Vivaldi's Stabat Mater which is about Marie suffering for her son being tortured on the cross. It is about the limits or the extreems of compassion. It's about suffering and loss and the impossible complete union in human earthily love. But the choosen piece of music here is very energetic and happy ! And the title turns it all into derision. Serious and not serious. Deep and light at the same time. And about love. About women's love, whatever this may mean.