Ecoprints on a fire pit

I learned this technique in the summer 2018 at a time when I was getting more and more interested in observing the course of the light through the year. I then started to make books of ecoprints at specific times, as well as at specific locations. This beautiful technique offers the benefits of direct immersion and observation of the natural world around us and it brings a very tactile and physical reminder of the plants.At the beginning of the month I took the challenge to try the technique on a fire pit rather than the usual cooker. This took place at my friend (and artist) Val Turton's amazing allotment. The size of the container will allow much larger ecoprints !

More ecoprints photos HERE
"Eco printing or eco dyeing is a contemporary application of the traditions of natural dyeing. In eco printing or dyeing, plants are enclosed in textiles or paper, bundled by winding over rods or stacked in layers and then steamed or immersed in hot water to extract the pigments and pro…

Fire ....

Sometimes it takes time to realise how much an event can impact on one's life.
Only one year ago, after 6 months in a rented accommodation, we moved back into our house that had been damaged by a fire. It is only a few months ago that I was able to see the impact this had had on my life and how it put my artistic life on hold.
I now feel fully back to creating new work ....

To turn the page on this accident, I wanted to post some of the images I took during this period.

Lady Bay festival - May 2017 - commission


Light Night 2018 - Nottingham - UV light painting

Invited by Mud Press and Emily Catherine Illustration to perform live painting For Nottingham Light Night Festival, using fluorescent paint under UV light. What an amazing experience ! It was exhilarating and also technically very interesting to discover how different colours work or not under UV light and how the paint react. This is something I definitely want to explore further !

Animating my drawings - "Kissing"

For better viewing : click on the video to see it full size

As I am slowly exploring possibilities of animating my drawings, I am finding that I want to stay away from technology and try more basic ways to animate them. I am being very interested in the idea of letting the author of the drawings appear withing the animation, bringing an added intimate and autobiographical quality to the work.

Window installation at JamCafé for Hockley Hustle 2017 with Phlexx - Nottingham

Snake and fish women are very present in my work. These drawings were inspired by a dream where two yellow pythons passed swimming by me. 

Drawings on cardboard - summer 2017