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Medusa 2015 - Bunch of Five show - Backlit, Nottingham

The idea of the piece Medusa was conceived before the recent events in France*, which, as a French artist, have influenced and affected the work further. Céline is interested in women within warzones and the types of violence made to them, both symbolically (as in silencing) and in the reality of their bodies.  
While referring to religions, the work explores underlying areas of human nature. Céline believes the Internet is a versatile collective mirror on our souls and she sees it as a reflection of the chaos ongoing within the world. She thinks that we intimately participate in this as we view images and regurge information from the Internet, be it actively or passively, interacting with only a couple of clicks.
*Charlie Hebdo Paris shooting – 01.2015

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The making

This piece was produced after the end of my



Claire Harvey - projections