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Trials - laptop self portraits - trying to cover the background with my hair


Patter Hellstrom


Trials - laptop self portraits - trying to cover the background

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Also finding out that there is a physical point (closer to the laptop/lense) where the image regains its more natural colours.  The pictures were taken in semi darkness with a small light in background.

Trials - Laptop self portraits with scarf and mouse

Exploring self portrait with a laptop and a non wireless mouse.
I also wanted to hide my background so I used a scarf and tried to see how far I could go. It was quite difficult to .

Here I found it interesting that the poses look quite romantic when this was actually due to the physical difficulty of the task : holding the scarf, going as far as I could, checking on the monitor if the background was covered and clicking on the mouse at the same time


Drawings - 2006

Dry pastel on A4 paper, frottage.

Johanna Hällsten - Time/Breath (reprise) - performance

I was lucky to see Johanna Hällsten's performance at the Castle last wednesday ...
Event : Hatch, it's about time, as part of the SIDESHOW of the British Art Show 7.

Two singers, one singing/saying the name of the notes only, the other one only singing/saying the values of the same music piece. At the back, the written description of the music (instruments playing). Only the singers were able to hear the music (Pink Floyd) : we could guess it by their body movements following the beats and facial expressions.
It took me a bit of time to understand what was happening but then, it felt as if I was experiencing the music from the score's point of view. Amazing. Really good work, one of those that I won't forget ...
Singers : Angela Warren and Caroline Helbert.

Factory Night @ Old Telephone Building - Stoke-on-Trent

About Factory Nights 2009/10 (click here)

We went to the top of the Old Telephone Building, space I had always dreamed of visiting because of its windows .... I was dreaming of a studio space there, but the windows are quite high up. The light is just amazing, though and I was drawn to it. Light and openings ....

I had a go at trying something (see video). I like the simplicity of the action (changing positions around a window) and the nuances in light, colours and view that result from it. I'd love to explore this in trying to cover all the view spots possible for one window .... from Celine Siani Djiakoua on Vimeo.