Group exhibition "The Textures of archive", showing "Memories of the Killing - installation 1" - Leicester

"Made for “The textures of archive“, “Memories of the Killing” consists of an installation of archive boxes on a table, filled with acid free tissue paper usually used for archive preservation. Some of the paper has been used for drawings, some has been applied onto body parts to give 3D imprints. Part of this work is also showing a large drawing. Installation and drawings were selected from a series of drawings of the same name, which I have been producing since 2011. The drawings represent memories of things heard, seen, dreamed of, experienced or imagined.
Desire for destruction is a reality that inhabits each of us. Just as we have the potential to give birth, we have the potential to kill. The fears of violent attacks, mutilations, wars, also are deeply embedded within our bodies and they are likely to appear in dreams, for example, that time as a symbolic form.
The body parts imprints shown here refer to a specific visual memory from the documentary “Shoah” about the Holocaust that I had decided to watch when I was a teenager, even though I knew I would be shocked.
Somehow, within myself lie the memories of my ancestors, of all our ancestors. I believe that, maybe in our DNA, is encapsulated the history of humanity, an intimate history of events as felt from inside. Within myself lie such horrifying scenes but it is only by working from within that one can understand, regain control and work at preventing the re-enactment of such terrible things.
However, as I am developing this series of drawings and familiarising myself with the “Horror”, I see that there is another side to the darkness of destruction. That, out of the blood, can also the life be fed."

March 2014

Image credits: Jamie Allsop and James Taylor

Producer/curator  : Victoria Munro

Michael Carr
Celine Siani Djiakoua
Sarah Fiander
Jasim Ghafur
Mary Hayes
Paula McCann
Ahinee Mensah
Kajal Nisha Patel
Jagdish Patel
Martin Ratcliffe

Location : LCB Depot Gallery, Leicester


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