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Du Zhenjun - Interactive video installations

Well, Chinese artists are obviously amazing : this is Du Zhenjun.. I saw his incredible solo exhibition (Human Zoo) of nearly 10 huge interactive pieces in my home town's great gallery Le Lieu Unique, Nantes  in 2005. Once again, I'm very much interested in the technique and the fact that it is an interactive work. Here is a sample : His website :

Light and darkness

The other day in Manchester I saw this installation of Tsang Kin-Wah at the Chinese Arts Center : More than the actual content, I just LOVED the simplicity and delicateness of the technique used : "cold transparent laminating film on walls and ceiling" ... in a dark room with some openings and different qualities of light coming out of these openings ... It is only by moving into the empty space that you would perceive the words which would have disappeared at your next step ... Perfection to me ... I also liked the way the plastic paper was just shining in the dark ...