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"Artists in a bid for success with different type of draw"

The Herald  article sat 29th May 2010 EXCLUSIVE: Phil Miller, Arts Correspondent It may be the first national artistic movement inspired entirely by cold, hard cash. With government cuts, standstill budgets, the financial crisis and the ongoing recession, many young and established visual artists are facing a bleak financial future unless they get a lucky break. But a new collective of UK contemporary artists – led by Glasgow-based Ellie Harrison – have decided to engineer their own luck, with a scheme which maximises their chances of winning large amounts of money on the various National Lottery draws. To be launched nationally in July, the Syndicate, as they call themselves, will “strategically” play the lottery games using a mathematical system they believe increases the odds for the 40 players to win large amounts of money, which will then be shared equally. The group of artists – including Harrison, who graduates from Glasgow School of Art’s esteemed MFA course this summer