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Website launch and Showcase Works in progress - June 2019

Solo exhibition - June 2019 - Nottingham "Join local artist and Near Now Studio Member Céline Siani Djiakoua to celebrate the launch of a new website, alongside a showcase of works in progress. Céline will be showing works in progress that explore recent developments in her practice, following a period of training and learning enabled by new technologies and techniques. Works on display will include a 360˚ virtual reality animation, developed as part of a professional development programme at Quad (Derby), outcomes from an introductory course in printmaking at Leicester Print Workshop, experiments with eco-printing and examples of her line drawings."                                                           CLICK here to access the website 360 VR animation + sound track Ecoprints books Prints

Handmade paper, feathers, scales and synchronicity ....

I was back to my childhood house this summer, on the countryside, near Nantes. Every summer, I try to make the best of the sun and its heat and I  experiment with techniques that are far less enjoyable in damp winters. Making paper is one of them. This time, I decided to recycle some books that had been waiting to be transferred to my house in the UK but were still there, 16 years later .... I picked "Onitsha by J.M.G Le Clézio" (Onitsha is a city in Niger ). I vaguely remembered it as being a sad and upsetting novel. I stopped reading novels years and years ago. I prefer autobiographies or specialised books. I don't find pleasure in entering someone else's emotional and imaginary worlds, I've got enough to deal with my own, I'd rather watch a movie. It had been offered to me by my mum, as we were going to Sénégal for a holiday. As I started to cut the pages to make the paste, I realised I had put a lot of myself into this book at the time, adding some