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Studio space

Back to Staffordshire University for my final bit of BA ... started 5 years ago !!! Over the years, I've been more and more unconfortable with having a "studio space". It doesn't make sense to me to cut a room into small pieces. And also, more and more, I have got used to either work from home (which means : from my computer) or on site specific projects. I don't think I need a studio space anymore, not to "prepare" art works that would go somewhere else anyway. If I start to work somewhere, this place/space (and me in it) should be part of the work. But yesterday I found a subterfuge : I went to "my space", I put my camcorder on tripod, stood in front of it and looked at myself in its tiny screen. I measured the space with my hands and managed to delimite what you could see if you were looking into the camcorder ... or what you could see if I had filmed this part of the space. As you can see below, you miss quite a lot of the actua