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Fire ....

Sometimes it takes time to realise how much an event can impact on one's life. Only one year ago, after 6 months in a rented accommodation, we moved back into our house that had been damaged by a fire. It is only a few months ago that I was able to see the impact this had had on my life and how it put my artistic life on hold. I now feel fully back to creating new work .... To turn the page on this accident, I wanted to post some of the images I took during this period.

Lady Bay festival - May 2017 - commission


Light Night 2018 - Nottingham - UV light painting

Invited by Mud Press and Emily Catherine Illustration to perform live painting For Nottingham Light Night Festival, using fluorescent paint under UV light. What an amazing experience ! It was exhilarating and also technically very interesting to discover how different colours work or not under UV light and how the paint react. This is something I definitely want to explore further !