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“The Untouched Collection” - Residency at Bromley House Library

Untitled, 2019, etching printed onto ecoprinted paper, 15x10 cm From February, visual artist Céline Siani Djiakoua will be the new artist in residence at Bromley House for her project titled “The Untouched Collection”. Céline will be researching the 19th century collection of travelling books and autobiographies, collecting illustrations of African nature. Using personal and mythological narratives, she will be exploring issues of de/colonisation. Working in collaboration with Broadway Near Now and Loughborough University workshops ( AA2A scheme), she will create new interactive work, which will be exhibited within the library, at Broadway Gallery and Loughborough University. During her project, to contribute to the topics of her research, she has invited two other artists who will share their work and offer workshops. Project supported by the Arts Council. A few dates : 17th February - 15th March Researching the collection, Céline will be within the building and avail