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"For the love of books" - workshop/talk at Bromley House library - March 2020

Work in progress presented at Bromley House on the 7th March. "The barbarians" - 2017 EUROCENTRISM  - AFROCENTRISM - EXOTICISM -ECOFEMINISM - RACIAL IDENTITY - RACIAL FLUIDITY - DECOLONISATION -  EMPATHY-  COMPASSION - RACISM - WHITE PRIVILEGE - WHITE GUILT  Research - various newspaper and research articles grouped by themes -  February-March 2020 Notes copied from sketchbooks-diaries - February-March 2020   Holding opposites within myself. I am turned into dust. I am not allowed to speak. All my life experiences, all my inner knowledge, grown for years and years, are silenced. I am not allowed to speak. A woman without a skin. The scales on our eyes are falling, falling, falling .... The more you learn, the less you can hide from the truth. the more you learn, the uglier the truth becomes. We are kept alive in the ugliest truth, having to live through it, knowing that we are going to hurt each o