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October 2016


Series in progress - August 2016-now

This is a work in progress started in August 2016. So far I had been producing drawings as resolutions of emotions as I experienced them. I would experience the physical sensation of the emotion and come with a very specific image as I processed it. This series represents a new way of producing drawings. The images seem to be coming as a continuity through time, like an underlying currant, telling stories about a woman living in a river, under water. As my drawings tend to be very autobiographical, they may be following how I experience the autumn and winter seasons which are times of recoiling. A few walks along the river Trent and at the Attenborough reserve brought to me the smell of the water, the life of the fauna and flora ... and its decomposition into mud. The mud and life cycles seem to be of great meaning here. October 2016 November/December 2016