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Jemime Stehli - Strip series

Strip No1 Writer Strip No3 Critic Strip No4 Curator Strip No5 Dealer Strip No6 Critic Strip No7 Writer

Melanie Bonajo

furniture bondage  from the series are all clichés true ? 2007 Janneke 2007 Katja, 2007 Annamarie, 2008 Interview

Irving Penn

Cecil Beaton with Nude, 1946  The Irving Penn Foundation National Portrait Gallery

Raphael Danke - untitled works - 2007/9


To Mehraneh Atashi ... conceptual jewellery project for "I Care A Lot".

About two weeks ago I came across a call for submission for an international jewellery exhibition, I Care A Lot, Middle East portable discussion , which aim is to "raise the discussion about current issues in the Middle East". As I make jewellery , I thought this was a great opportunity to use my craft skills in a more conceptual way, which context could grow from the present blog. This project happened to make even more sense when I heard that Mehraneh Atashi, Iranian artist I discovered  some time ago and really loved, had been arrested with her husband. I was very shocked by this news and felt it had happened to a friend, an artist-sister ... I have friends from Kurdistan, Iraq, men and women and these past years I have heard a lot about this neighbour country of Iran. The wars, the life there, the weight of traditions and religion but also funny childhood memories and such a nice food ... I don't watch TV and hardly read any news. It's a deliberate boyc

Where is Mehraneh Atashi ?

Mehraneh Atashi video : BBC News - Photographer Mehraneh Atashi detained in Iran

Grau Wal

Grau Wal website


Khaleejia's Blog

Givenchy 2009

Image Middle Eastern-inspired Fashion Pushes Buttons

Jananne Al-Ani

"Untitled 1 & 2" by Jananne Al-Ani, Kirkuk, Iraq

Mona Hatoum - artworks with human hair

Hair Necklace ,1995 Human hair, leather bust, wood, 27 x 21 x 16 cm Intervention in the collection of the Museum Querini Stampalia Keffieh (1993-99) Keffieh, by Mona Hatoum, (1993-99), human hair on cotton, 1993-1999, collection Peter Norton, Santa Monica

Zoe Leonard - Preserved head of a bearded woman, musée Cerfila 1991

(picture taken by myself at the show "Elles", Beaubourg Museum, Paris, 2009) Zoe Leonard's Interview extract

A models-eye view of the end of the catwalk at the BCBG Max Azria show - Photo : Carlo Allegri/Reuters


The secret lives of us - The Guardian article&interviews about Iranian women photographers

From beauty salons to traditional male strongholds, Iranian women are using photography to show their country in a different light. Kate Connolly The Guardian, Wednesday 2 January 2008 Newsha Tavakolian, a 26-year-old from Tehran, points to one of her photographs, a woman in a bright green scarf with swollen pink lips, bruised eyes and a thinly plastered nose. "What do you see?" she asks me. I'm not sure, I say - a woman who has been beaten up, maybe by her husband. "I met her in a doctor's surgery," she says. "I thought something dreadful had happened to her, but she told me she had had the works done - a nose job, liposuction, the bags under her eyes, even a boob job, all in one go - to make herself more beautiful." Through her work, Tavakolian hopes to challenge western preconceptions about Iran, and particularly about Iranian women's lives. Far from being a portrait of domestic abuse, her photograph illustrates the national obsessi