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“Absorbing the wisdom of Nature through my skin ….” - Recorded spoken thoughts after a dream on the 26th august 2019

This text is a transcript of spoken thoughts I recorded in August after a dream.  While sharing various reflections about my life and my art practice, this piece could also be presented under an audio form, maybe accompanied by moving images .... I am seeing it more and more interesting to record my ideas through speaking them rather than writing them. However, I don't know how it is received once transcripted into written words .... Whether they work in both forms or not is something I want to explore .... The whole process is for me about finding MY VOICE .... “At some point in my dream, someone was showing me a pack of seeds with something written on it. And I knew that this plant was supposed to help me. But I was rushing to the next thing and I didn’t even stop just to pick it up …. He was really showing me the pack of seeds, right into my face but I just passed by, thinking “Oh yeah, planting those seeds, because I very much need to use this plant for myself !”. 

Being an artist in this world ....

Being able to ACT, even with small actions, to support a cause, is priceless.... NO MORE exploitation  of the Planet,  of Nature  of People. NO MORE destruction of the waters, the plants, the animals, the soil, the rocks, the air .... NO MORE support to wars . NO MORE distasteful greed. And will we even welcome all the refugees who will be fleeing floods, hunger, wars ... ? We are all caught in this, we are all interconnected. Let's act now, together ! Bunting made to support Extinction Rebellion for the October 2019  action in London, happy to later see them on site, on some Facebook pictures. "LOVE FLOWER POWER"                     Taking part in the London protests over the weekend..... Protesters Camp at Vauxhall Pleasure gardens under a non-stop pouring rain : Helping in the kitchens of Hare Krishna, usually feeding 100s of homeless but having added XR protesters to their dis

AA2A - residency placement at Loughborough university - 2019-2020

Thrilled to have been offered a residency placement at Loughborough University for 2019-2020. "The AA2A project is a national set of schemes, providing visual artists and designer makers with the opportunity to undertake a period of research or realise a project, using workshop and supporting facilities in fine art and design departments of Higher and Further Education institutions. This gives participating artists and makers the opportunity to use equipment which otherwise might not be available to them, as well as benefiting the institution by allowing students to work alongside, and interact with practicing artists and makers." More about AA2A here The Barbarians, 2017 Ecoprints of my parents' garden in summer, 2018 My project : "The project I want to undertake through AA2A would come along and enrich a residency I have been invited to complete in 2019-2020, which would be the 1stpart in the long-term project of creating an interactive artist book mix

Virtual Reality extract and sound track - "The woman who lives in the river". 2019

Extract of an experimental 360 Virtual Reality animated scene made after one of my drawings during training sessions at the QUAD, Derby in 2018-2019. I imported some drawings and GIFs into the Unity software to create the scenery. In the sound track I share some thoughts about "the woman in the river" and how I came to draw her.            Filmed view of the VR animated scene - extract - 1 min 32 Voice over recording - 3min53