AA2A - residency placement at Loughborough university - 2019-2020

Thrilled to have been offered a residency placement at Loughborough University for 2019-2020.

"The AA2A project is a national set of schemes, providing visual artists and designer makers with the opportunity to undertake a period of research or realise a project, using workshop and supporting facilities in fine art and design departments of Higher and Further Education institutions. This gives participating artists and makers the opportunity to use equipment which otherwise might not be available to them, as well as benefiting the institution by allowing students to work alongside, and interact with practicing artists and makers."

More about AA2A here

The Barbarians, 2017

Ecoprints of my parents' garden in summer, 2018

My project :

"The project I want to undertake through AA2A would come along and enrich a residency I have been invited to complete in 2019-2020, which would be the 1stpart in the long-term project of creating an interactive artist book mixing fine art and crafts techniques and new technologies. During the residency, taking place in Nottingham at the Bromley House Library, as well as at the Near Now Studio (art and technology hub), I will be researching the untouched collection of travel and autobiographical books of the 19th century, more specifically looking at illustrations about Africa. Throughout this project, I am interested in experimenting with innovative ways of presenting multi-layered and interwoven narratives that refer to colonisation, exploring the story of my own imaginary relationship to a particular African female water spirit, appearing in my drawings as a winged mermaid.

By giving me access to the printmaking and digital technologies workshops, the AA2A would enable me to explore ways of reproducing and reusing 19thcentury illustrations and try to layer them up with my own drawings and ecoprinted paper (natural elements dyed into the paper).

My aims, through this exploration, would be to acquire new skills and a better understanding of the possibilities that printmaking techniques have to offer. The hands-on process of layering images would also help me to think about the whole and longer-term project in new ways and open new doors into how I could share my narratives with an audience. By having access to the university facilities, I would also be able to produce about 6 final pieces, which would then be exhibited as part of the end of residency exhibition at Near Now studios".

Untitled, printmaking samples, various techniques, 2019


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