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Seeing in the dark, to distinguish evil .... Regarder dans le sombre, pour distinguer le maléfique ...

Traduction Française : lire  ci-dessous  It has now been the third autumn that I am getting ready for the descent toward the darkness of winter, researching into the symbolic meanings of this season, reading, writing, ecoprinting, drawing .... The 1st autumn, I decided to "go down into the darkness", the 2nd autumn, I worked at "bringing light into the darkness". This year, I am learning how to distinguish the Evil hiding in darkness, as Clarissa Pincola Este writes : "Darkness in itself is not bad. It is what inhabits the darkness that can be evil. One needs to be able to see in the dark, to be able to distinguish evil." Raven (or maybe magpie) feather   “The raven is (…) a messenger of the more unknown, the darker, less shining, and more invisible side of the great god. Melancholy, deep thoughts, and evil thoughts are very close to each other; the effect of loneliness is both a precondition for possession by evil and, for exceptional people who know how

Fifty-seven branches of a eucalyptus tree - New botanical print book

43x17x5 cm, 114 pages and 1.5 kg (!)

"For the love of books" - workshop/talk at Bromley House library - March 2020

Work in progress presented at Bromley House on the 7th March. "The barbarians" - 2017 EUROCENTRISM  - AFROCENTRISM - EXOTICISM -ECOFEMINISM - RACIAL IDENTITY - RACIAL FLUIDITY - DECOLONISATION -  EMPATHY-  COMPASSION - RACISM - WHITE PRIVILEGE - WHITE GUILT  Research - various newspaper and research articles grouped by themes -  February-March 2020 Notes copied from sketchbooks-diaries - February-March 2020   Holding opposites within myself. I am turned into dust. I am not allowed to speak. All my life experiences, all my inner knowledge, grown for years and years, are silenced. I am not allowed to speak. A woman without a skin. The scales on our eyes are falling, falling, falling .... The more you learn, the less you can hide from the truth. the more you learn, the uglier the truth becomes. We are kept alive in the ugliest truth, having to live through it, knowing that we are going to hurt each o