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Melusine's tower - Vouvant / La tour de Mélusine - Vouvant

(en francais plus bas) For years now, I have been drawing the story of a winged mermaid but I first heard of Mamy Wata in Cameroon where my mother-in-law also gave me a bracelet representing an African mermaid. The half-snake/half-fish woman is to be found in most cultrues around the world, dating before religions. It is a very important archetype for which one can get lost in research. And even though I knew of Mélusine, it is only this summer that I realised she had "lived" in Vouvant, only a 100 km from where I was born (Nantes) ! I was born in Nantes and grew up between the small village of La Chasse and the island of Noirmoutier. Depuis des années, je dessine l'histoire d'une sirène ailée mais j'ai entendu parler pour la première fois de Mamy Wata au Cameroun où ma belle-mère m'a également offert un bracelet représentant une sirène africaine. La femme mi-serpent/mi-poisson se retrouve dans la plupart des cultures du monde, datant d'avant les religio