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2019 Showcase, Near Now Studio, Broadway, Nottingham
2016 Deep Sea, Surface Gallery (Nottingham Castle Open - prize 2015)
2010 Eyes, Windows to the soul (+ blog), end of residency exhibition, Longton
2007 Peoples, outdoor and indoor installation New Vic Theater, Newcastle
2006 Untitled, installation, Sciences Department, Staffordshire University
2005 Seashells to pray, interactive installation, Staffordshire University
        What do you love? Interactive installation, University Food Hall, Stafford

2015 Double prize winner : New Art Exchange and Surface Gallery, Nottingham Castle Open
2009 Home, photographic competition (Urban Vision)

2009/2010 Longhouse Action Research, Multistory, West Bromwich

2016 Lady Bay festival, Nottingham
2015 Nottingham Castle Open, (double prize winner)
         Phlexxibition 004, P Spowage Art Gallery
         Paint Sum Thin, with Phlexx for "Say Sum Thin 9"Mouthy Poets
         Nottingham Street Art Festival 2015, Surface gallery
         Bunch of Five, Backlit, Nottingham
         SLATED, Thirtyfive Gamble street, Nottingham
         Lady Bay Festival, Nottingham
2014 Caribbean Open, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
         The texture of archive, LCB Depot gallery, Leicester
2013  Creative consultation, Stuff of Life Festival, Nottingham
         OpenAir Gallery, London road Festival, Stoke 
2011 Piercers and Scavengers, Backlit Studios, Nottingham
         Solo Art Solo Heart, Nottingham Contemporary
         Nottingham Refugee Week, Angel Row, Central Library
         With Myself in Mind, Crocus Gallery, Nottingham
2010 Common Ground, Hanley Park, Stoke-on-Trent
        Airspace Gallery
         BCCA, The Public, West Bromwich
         Longhouse and Wolverhampton University
2009 Pick N Mix, a collection of Woman photography, Burslem School of Art (Photographers Collective)
2009 Rebirth, Art for Life Project (University Hospital of North Staffordshire)
         Interim, Staffordshire University 2008
         Fringe, Conjunction08 Festival, Stoke-on-Trent 2007 (Airspace Gallery and Staffordshire
         Free Range, Brick Lane, London
         Performance, Burslem Arts and Crafts festival
         Straight from the Heart, Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent
2007 Rich and strange: altered books, with Rachel Marsden, Newport Central Library and Newport
2004 Beyond experience, beyond appearance, New Vic Theater, Newcastle, Staffs
         Behind the veils, Elective Gallery, Staffordshire University

2016 Surface Gallery (Nottingham Castle Open prize 2015)
2015 ACE Dance and Music AcademyBirmingham
2010  Eyes, windows to the soul, Self initiated and self funded residency, Longton
2007  Faber Catholic Primary School, Cotton
2006&2007 Holocaust Memorial Day, New Vic Theatre, Newcastle, Staffordshire

2017 Draw the line, Surface Gallery
2017 Lady Bay festival
2011 What do you love ? sound piece and visual installation, Solo Art Solo Heart, Nottingham Contemporary
2010 Black Country Creative Advantage, performance and handmade cards, Wolverhampton University and Longhouse
2010 What do you love ? version number 4, interactive installation and performance, Common Ground, Airspace Gallery
2009 Dance piece for Standstill, Barts organization
2009 Rebirth, site specific video installation, NHS, Newcastle under Lyne

2018 The trespassing Goddess, City Arts Young Producers, Nottingham
2017 Light Night festival, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
2015 Made in a Day, one day publication, Dizzy Ink, Nottingham
2010 DIY7, An artists guide to the Black Country
2009 Antifreeze, Airspace, proposed by Contents May Vary, Manchester
2007 Rich and strange: altered books, with Rachel Marsden, Newport Central Library and Newport School of Art

2009 The Makers, Art and Craft exhibition, Artwaves Gallery, Burslem

2010 Black Country Creative Advantage, Wolverhampton University and Longhouse
2010 Common Ground, Airspace Gallery

2016 - 2018 Art facilitator for the Red Cross with refugees and asylum seekers

2009 Degree in Fine Art, Staffordshire University
2001 Post degree Module in Psychology and Communication, Poitiers University, France
1997 Teaching Diploma, Poitiers University, France
1995 MA in Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Nantes University, France

2019 Introduction to Printmaking, Leicester Print Workshop
2019 Digital Artist Training and Development Course, Quad, Derby

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