I've chosen some of the most recent ones ...
It's funny how they look completely different to me, now that I have started to work at this "fashion magazines" project ! Now I can see some kind of style in them ... it is very difficult to step out of your own work, especially this one which is about self-portrait. Most of these images have never been shown, I have kept taking them for years but still don't know what they really are. In the present project, they can be samples of the styles, atmospheres, poses,colours, introspective states that I like or that are my own style.
I think houses can be very good settings for shots ...

I think that these images reflect very much my way of working : they are very spontaneous, quickly made and pretty rough and natural. I took them because the light or the colours or my mood inspired me at that moment ... but they are very consciously taken as I have most of the time the full control over my image with the mirror reflection. So the pose is "constructed".


Tone said…
I like these a lot, particularly the two with bikes in the foreground - we should encourage our friends, colleagues and fellow creative people to make reflected self-portraits and post them on "clock-in, clock out" - Tone x

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