Nicki Dennett

Yesterday I went to the Surface Gallery  in Nottingham to sell some of my jewellery . Unfortunately, it wasn't very busy and I only sold one piece ... but I met Nicki Dennett  (illustrator and printmaker)  and exchanged some jewellery against some of her work.

I really like the print I got from her. It is called "Burger" :

It reminds me very much of my own series of fashion magazines photographs and I am very much looking forward to working more at it again ...

Nicki told me that the print I now have was part of a series she made about a Healthy Eating campaign.
here are some images, taken from her website : they tell the story of a woman who ....

Life Changes

Comfort Zone

Online Shopping

Ditch the Burger


The Way Forward

Grow your own

I like this work very much.
Eating and the problems relating to it are much deeper than what we usually say and those drawings speak for themselves.


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