Pakistani Actress, Veena Malik, defies Mullah Accusing Her of Immoral Behavior on an Indian Reality TV Show

Question to Soofia Asad who is a photographer from Pakistan :

CSD : "A couple of days ago, I posted this video on Facebook but I would like to know more about the context of it."
Soofia Asad* : "This video is of a Pakistani film actress. She participated in an Indian reality show 'Big Brother'. On that show, she wore western dresses (like trousers, sleeveless tops and skirts) and got very close to one of the indian guys on the show, as a friend-hugging him, holding hands, sitting very close to him-regular platonic relationship. She received a lot of criticism from the traditional and religious people. People called her a slut and an immoral person who should not be representing the so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan. She in return is saying that she was not representing any country or religion there and went as a regular person. She received death threats as well.
In Islam, women are not supposed to be around and touch men who are not her husband or brother or father. One of our political ministers had to resign because she shook hands with the males of the foreign delegates...such is our hypocrisy."

Soofia Asad : Here is her website.

In the video, there is a mesmerizing moment when in split screen we see both the Mullah and the actress shouting at each other. Their voices are mixed together and the visual opposition of the beautiful (angry) woman and the bearded Mullah is at its maximum effect.


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