September 2013 - Art and Philosophy collaboration - 1st event at Stuff of Life Festival, Nottingham

The first public event of our collaborative art and philosophy research project was held at The Stuff of Life Festival - Saturday 21st September 2013.

Adults and children were invited to cut out paper body shapes and adorn them in whatever way they wished, irrespective of conventional norms of appearance. We also asked people to reflect on and respond to some philosophical questions that motivate our project.
The questions were :

- What enrages you ? What do you do with this rage ?
- Have you ever been silenced - by others, or by yourself ?
- Could you survive without mirrors ? Why or why not ?
- Are there thoughts or desires which you wish you didn't have ? Why ?

We were overwhelmed with the responses! They will inform our future research.
Thank you to those who participated so enthusiastically.


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