Low-tech - Pipilotti Rist Interview -

"A lot of people think that I work with more complicated machines than I do, when in fact I work in a very low-tech way that is much more interesting. For example, in the footage of the flying body parts, the hands and feet, people think this is computer animated. It's not true. I did it in my apartment near a window. I put black fabric over things, and wore black clothes (except for those areas of my body), and I lay down and moved my limbs around with the camera twisting in my hand. So it was just sunlight, black fabric, and a consumer camera. I didn't even use a studio light. Then on the computer, of course, I had to correct for different tones of blacks. I also work with surveillance cameras, the small ones. In the projected images here behind the orange sofa, for example, of a woman's reflection on a house, the camera sweeps across the outside of the house. It looks as if I had used a hundred thousand dollar machine. But it's just a long aluminum stick with a "thumb" attached to it, one of those mic rophones. With that I can get extremely dynamic movements if I work with a wide angle, but again it's very low tech. That's the production side. The other side is the installation. For me, it's very important that things looks simple. But the simpler it looks, the more work it is, like figuring out how to hang the projectors.(...)."

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