Kitchen Cosmogony

Coupled images : one displays a crumpet (or cheddar on crumpet) on a plate; the other one (found on Internet) shows a geological manifestation (bubbling mud, geysers, volcano …).

The alchemical qualities of the “cooking” at different scales: cooking (and burning) of food, firing of glaze and the geological “cooking” of the Earth which is in a constant growth. The shapes and textures also appear quite erotic and analogies can be drawn to the female body. With the added allusion to the eating process, the whole series directly alludes to creation myths.

The plates were found in one of the many derelict potteries factories in stoke-on-Trent. They had been left behind as odd ones, but actually show something of the glazing process and its chemical changes in colours and textures. They are plates that I actually use in my everyday life.


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