German advert for underwear using veiled woman

(Facebook exchange)

Shwan Dler Qaradaki posted the link :

Click here to view the clip :
German advert for underwear using veiled woman

CSD : What do they say and what is it exactlly ?
Shwan Dler Qaradaki : This is the reclama for sexy underwear from the German manufacturer liaison They believe this is provocative? I wish everyone who goes in burka could dressed like that ;)
CSD: Oh, OK, thanks Dler :) Is that the journalist who is talking that is saying it is provocative ? Do they mean that it is offending for Muslims ?
Shwan Dler Qaradaki : Yes exactly. but I think Muslims should be hapy for this advertisement. This is posetiv
CSD : That's very interesting, Dler, thX for that ... I'm going to post this video on (one of) my blog(s) ! :)


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