filming the space between dancers ... project

Standstill 2009 - Barts
photograph : Tony Jones


Shane said…
I enjoyed your talk on Nantes, and 'Where are you from?', at the Pecha Kucha event last night. Your good eye and reading of the city was pleasing to hear.
Thanks for your comment, that's always very encouraging :)
I had a look at your blog too : very interesting and lively. It reminds me of the very beginnings of blogging (mmm, the 90s ...) : I got seriously addicted to reading about some bloggers lives ...
By the way : these other blogs of mine are the ones I am updating the most often at the moment : and
Shane said…
Thanks for those links. And yes, I recall the early days of blogging in a similar fashion, too. It was good to kick (or reduce) that habit.

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