DIY7 - Artists Guide to the Black Country - FIERCE -

I am very pleased to have been invited to "DIY7 - Artists Guide to the Black Country" by Abi Davey. There will be 5 other participants for this "Professional development project BY artists FOR artists" (Live Art Development Agency). It will culminate with the production of an "Artists Guide to the Black Country", which will be exhibited as part of FIERCE’s next Interrobang event in September.

"DIY is a brilliant scheme conceived by the Live Art Development Agency that supports artists to run unusual training and professional development projects for themselves and other artists. The activities that tend to take place in DIY aren’t traditional workshop activities – they are shared experiences, adventures, explorations.
Past projects have included cycle rides across Britain and forest retreats.
The scheme is open to artists from the West Midlands region and beyond.
This particular DIY project is being supported by Fierce. It invites a group of six artists to spend time in the Black Country during August at some of its most iconic tourist attractions (starting at the Black Country Living Museum). Their encounter with the Black Country and their reflections of the experience will be turned into an artists’ guide to the area, which will be exhibited as part of Fierce’s next Interrobang event in September."


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