Johanna Hällsten - Time/Breath (reprise) - performance

I was lucky to see Johanna Hällsten's performance at the Castle last wednesday ...

Event : Hatch, it's about time, as part of the SIDESHOW of the British Art Show 7.

Two singers, one singing/saying the name of the notes only, the other one only singing/saying the values of the same music piece. At the back, the written description of the music (instruments playing). Only the singers were able to hear the music (Pink Floyd) : we could guess it by their body movements following the beats and facial expressions.

It took me a bit of time to understand what was happening but then, it felt as if I was experiencing the music from the score's point of view. Amazing. Really good work, one of those that I won't forget ...

Singers : Angela Warren and Caroline Helbert.


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