Showing some of my "self-portraits in mirrors" in Nottingham ...

"We don’t exist without others. Our sense of Identity comes from the confrontation with other's perceptions of us. What we understand of our secular image is partially made of glimpses of what we can see of us in the eyes of others. It can be intrusive, disturbing, it can be reassuring, comforting. We are caught in the others’ eyes; we don’t belong to ourselves.

Those self-portraits in mirror are attempts to recover an illusive power over my own image. Both the mirror and the screen of the camera allow me to compose a pose and choose a frame and background. In doing so, I regain control over what I think the other will see, turning myself into an active subject. Showing the process of the making comes as a double affirmation of this position.

These self-portraits have been taken over the past 7 years. They are spontaneous and quickly taken but carefully constructed. Offering a view onto my inner life by showing moods, atmospheres and personal everyday surroundings, they are similar to diary entries, attempts to understand something of my own complex identity. We are constantly changing and evolving, made of multiple selves."


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