Giuseppe Penone

Giuseppe Penone "soffio nb 4" 1978
Giuseppe Penone "studio per soffio" 1978

"Breathing is automatic, involuntary sculpture, that brings us closer to osmosis with things. It is the action that annuls the shell, the identity given by the skin. Each breath has in itself the beginning of fertilization, it is an element that penetrates another body and letting out the breath, the puff of air, attests to it with its form."
G Penone 1977

"A breath propagates our existence in the air, insinuates itself and branches out into the wind the drawing of our lungs. We breathe with air the breaths of other persons who exist and existed. We inhale breaths pressing into the ribcage to then release them into the air. Exhaling in the water you see the breath, it has the form of the world, a sphere distinct from the infinite other spheres in the space of the cosmos. A breath is the air bubble of our existence in the sea time. When it comes to the surface it wrinkles the mirror and describes its skin."
G Penone 2000-2003


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