All the flowers of my garden ... Summer 2015 Self-portraits (no selfies)

This series refers to a particular song.

Mon amie la rose - Natasha Atlas

My Friend the Rose

A Life time comes and goes..
And my friend the rose
Told me this morning
At dawn I was born
Baptized with the dew
I blossomed
Happy and in love
The sun shined through
And by the night time I was old
At least there have never been
A rose as beautiful as me
In the flowers of your garden
A Life time comes and goes…
And my friend the rose
Told me this morning
See the God who
Made me Bow my head
I feel I’m falling now
Yes, I’m falling now
My heart is almost bare
My feet is in the grave
Already I’m no longer there
You admired me yesterday
And I'll be gone just as dust
Tomorrow forever…
A life time comes and goes
And so my friend the rose
Died this morning
The moon is shining bright
And I dreamed tonight
Dazzling and naked
Her soul dancing
Far beyond the clouds
And smiled…
The ones who can believe
Me, I need to hope
Otherwise I ‘m nothing
A Life time comes and goes
That’s what my friend the rose
Said only yesterday…


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