Showing work : "Breathing Out: Autumn Gathering" - art in an allotment

Today I took part in a private event held at Valerie Turton's allotment and organised by Harry Martin.

I was sharing some work in progress made after a trip to Tenerife last month where I took the opportunity to make a few ecoprints with the local vegetation. I got very much fascinated by the dramatic atmosphere of this volcanic island with its coal-black beaches and stormy skies. At Loughborough printworkshop I put together a tiny travel book which collates ecoprints, a few photos taken during my stay and some shopping receipts, packaging, maps etc ... I also made a few drawings inspired by the Black Madonna and started to try out some printmaking. Only some of the drawings and the mini book were shown today.

     Photo : Valery Turton

Photo : Valery Turton


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