Materialising the filming space ...


Giuseppe Penone

Breath 5 1978
Fired clay: 1540 x 830 x 840 mm

"The clay is modelled on the imagined shape of a breath of air, exhaled from the artist's mouth. At the top is the form of the interior of Penone's mouth, squeezed into the clay. The impression along the side of the clay is of the artist's leg, wearing jeans, as he leans forward."
I am fascinated by Giuseppe Penone's amazing work that makes an unseen space appear under our eyes in such a physical manner. It makes you think of spaces as contents, delimited by boundaries we would not of thought of. ... very similar to Rachel whiteread too :

Rachel Whiteread "House”, 1993 concrete, (destroyed)

Rachel Whiteread "Sequel IV”, 2002, Plaster, polystyrene and steel, 31.9 x 29.5 x 9.8 in


"Hi Celine, I like the look of all that filming space, but you know if you need precise clean harp lines then willow/bamboo is not for you, it's all organic and wobbly.....I think that maybe an investment in aluminium tube or fibre glass for the framework but the tissue would be fine for the walls, using PVA for a sharp clean walls....maybe look at ... Read more the kite technology for the joints. plastic slot in big is it will determine the what weight of framework you need and how much infrastructure." Hilary
"Thanks for your comments Hilary :)Yes, I see what you mean but I think I like the imperfection the bamboo+willow and tissue paper would give : I like the opposition between "new technologies" and virtual spaces against rough/archaic/basic handmade things. The funny bit about it is that there will be one small hole at one end (for the eye) and a large opening at the other end, for people to stand and be looked at ("filmed"). So you'll be looking through the hole as if looking through the hole of the video camera." Céline


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