Questions to Rebecca ...

I'm trying to finish my essay and I'm not happy with myself cause I can see that I'm running out of time to turn it into something I could be proud of ...:(
... Anyway, thoughts are going fast and far about this topic, so that's the good side of the situation. I am also reading "Henry and June" by Anais Nin and this is giving me a new insight into female sexuality (this was happening in the 30s in Paris).

I was just wondering : you told me that at some point in your life you had a collection of fashion magazines images that helped you and gave you the confidence you lacked. Could you tell me more about that ? I found it very interesting and very intriguing. I think I understood it in the way how, when you feel weak in certain situations, you try to remember qualities other people descibed in you or you remember people you admire for these qualities and it gives you strength as you try to make them yours ... ??


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