Rebecca's words ... (heard and written by Céline)

"Their face is very important. They've got a special way of posing, they are in different world, not affected by anything. "

"The pictures of non professional models only look like dressed up people. And they are too real , they are connected to the camera. Something gets in the way. They are conscious of posing. They are trying to pose. "

"There's a difference between models and actresses. In photo shots of actresses, it is as if other people are invading my own story. The models help us to get imagination around them. They've built their own atmosphere around them, from one shot to another. "

"The models are real characters in their own imaginary worlds which you can access.
I make a whole story around them; several stories, atmospheres, strong feelings ... But what happens in the story is not important.
They are in novels. "

Me : "So would you call them "she" ?"
Rebecca : "Yes, "she", or a name, but she is above the story. "

"The photo shots are in the present. It's the perfection of a moment.
I don't think of them as being with a camera."

"Men don't enjoy looking at high fashion models posing. They are not available. Not sexual."


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